My nomination for Coolest Tiny House Ever


Contains the novella

Stumbled across this video of an amazing tiny house called the Escher (named after both the owner’s child and M.C. Escher, one of the world’s most famous graphic artists). If my main character in “Big Love,” Berly Charles, lived in a tiny house it would be something like this.

(Read “Big Love” in the novella compilation, Coming Home: A Tiny House Collection.)

There is much more to Escher than just his impossible constructions, but those are what he’s most known for. No doubt you’ve seen a couple, even if you didn’t realize who the artist was. My oldest sister introduced me to Escher when we were in high school. With Salvador Dali, he’s still one of my favorites.

If you’re entranced by tiny houses (I am), you’d probably enjoy “Big Love” and the other six novellas in the book. I’d love for you to give it a try and let me know what you think. If you have a link to another cool tiny house, feel free to share here in a comment. I will definitely visit.

Mike-9Michael Ehret loves to play with words and as the author of “Big Love,” a novella within Coming Home: A Tiny House Collection, he is enjoying his playground. Previous playgrounds include being the Managing Editor of the magazine ACFW Journal and the ezine Afictionado for seven years. He also plays with words as a freelance editor and has edited several nonfiction books, proofedited for Abingdon Press, worked in corporate communications, and reported for The Indianapolis Star.

Should I “Tiny House” My Garage? Vote!

Watch the video below and vote to be entered into a contest!

The other day I read a fascinating post on the blog “Tiny House Talk” about transforming an out building (not an outhouse!) into a tiny house and renting it on Airbnb.

See that post here: “Before and After: Tiny House Backyard Studio Transformation.”

Here’s one of the photos of the “before.” Yech!


Contains the novella "Big Love" by Michael Ehret

This cover was designed by Ken Raney of Clash Creative.

I think my character, Berly Charles, in my novella “Big Love,” which is part of the Coming Home: A Tiny House Collection, would absolutely jump at the chance to dig into this project! Berly has a mind of her own, runs her own tiny house construction business, and isn’t afraid of projects. Which is a good thing, since the other character in the story, Nathan “Rafe” Rafferty, is quite a project.

But the blog post linked above got me thinking. And here’s what I thought in a video. Watch it and vote! Out of everyone who votes, I’ll pick one winner to receive a copy of “Coming Home,” which includes my novella — and six others!