About Michael

I love to play with words–as an editor and as a writer–along the fine line. I have played in many fields:

  • magazines and e-zines
  • nonfiction books
  • corporate editing and writing
  • marketing and communications
  • public relations
  • newspaper reporting, and
  • novels

Now as editor of the ACFW Journal, I am enjoying a new playground. But I also play with words as a monthly contributor to Novel Rocket, one of Writer’s Digest’s Top 101 Websites for Writers, and right here at WritingOnTheFineLine as a freelance editor/writer.

“A lot of writers claim they have been writing, and/or reading, since early on, often spinning tales of stealing away to read with a flashlight under their sheets at night when they should have been sleeping.

“Or, they write in tortured prose about their art being driven by inner demons—alcohol, lack of self-worth, inner pain turned toward creativity, that kind of thing.

“Well, I was sleeping. Not that I didn’t love to read–still do!–but I loved to sleep, too. And I am driven by an Inner Being—but He’s no demon. He’s the Son of the living God and Savior of the world. His name is Jesus Christ. I hope you see Him reflected in my writing and editing. If not, let me know.”


  • 10 years in newspapers
  • 14 years in corporate communications
  • 7 years as an e-zine and magazine editor
  • Editor of six nonfiction books

For more information, e-mail Michael.


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