What next, you winner?

Winner1It’s an unfortunate truth—if there are writing contests, there will be people who do not win them and most of the time those people will be you and me.

So know going into it that, when it comes to writing contests, the odds are against you winning. Does that mean you shouldn’t enter? Not at all! But what it does mean is you need to enter contests for the right reason—getting that invaluable feedback. If you win, great! In fact, stupendous! But if you don’t, what can you learn from your contest scores?

Read more about contests and writing today in my post over on Novel Rocket!


Michael Ehret, for Writing on the Fine Line

Mike-9Michael loves to play with words and as editor of the ACFW Journal, he is enjoying his playground. He also plays with words as a freelance editor here at WritingOnTheFineLine.com, where he often takes a writer Into The Edit, pulling back the veil on the editing process. He has edited several nonfiction books, played with words as a corporate communicator, and reported for The Indianapolis Star.


2 thoughts on “What next, you winner?

  1. Mike, I tried several times to comment at Novel Rocket, but couldn’t get my comment to post. So I’ve brought it here:

    Entering the Christian Writer’s Guild contest, Operation First Novel, was one of the best things I’ve done. Discouraged and ready to call it quits, I wondered if I had any talent at all. Making the final five gave me the boost I needed to keep going with this writing thing. Contests are a great way to test your work and get valuable experience for your craft.

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