Everything That Changes Stays The Same

Twenty-one highly intelligent people responded to my poll on Tuesday. Thank you!

  • Self-editing tips: More than half of you (52 percent; 11 votes) like the self-editing tips I’ve been sharing on Thursdays.
  • In The Edit: A good percentage (38 percent; 8 votes) enjoy it when I pull back the veil between editor and writer and show you how one editor — me — does it.
  • Quote It!: While only two of you (8 percent) marked the writing quotes on Saturdays as your favorite, I noted in my site stats that the quotes get pretty good traffic.

What’s it all mean?

That’s the good thing, if you’re me. It means that you find what I’m doing here at Writing On The Fine Line helpful–which I am glad to learn.

So, I’m going to continue doing it–with a few changes. Saturday quote days remain unchanged. But Tuesday will now be the day for both In The Edit and my self-editing tips. Each week I’ll alternate between the two.

Where does that leave Thursdays?

Thursdays will be my open days. Whatever I want, that is writing or editing related and doesn’t easily fit into the other categories, will appear on Thursdays. It could be my thoughts on publishing trends, a particularly egregious communications error made in the public square, or an occasional book review of an excellent writing source.

Or there could be no post if I have nothing pressing to share.

I am enjoying this blog and am having fun interacting with writers–with you! Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Michael Ehret, for Writing on the Fine Line

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net


6 thoughts on “Everything That Changes Stays The Same

  1. Mike, I still like the quotes, but they weren’t my favorite part. LOL Everyone loves writerly or good living quotes. In fact I search hard for one for each of my manuscripts ~ something that fits the story well. So keep ’em coming!

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